Enjoy a great American tradition through Route 66 Coffee

Enjoy blends that capture the essence of four major cities along the famed Route 66 drive from Chicago to California.

Capture the experience of the open road with each sip of Route 66 Coffee through USConnect®. Each variety has a distinct flavor profile reminiscent of a notable city in the U.S. Go bold with the Lone Star Select Roast, flirty with the California Blonde, indulgent with the St. Louis Doughnut Shop Blend, or satisfying with Chicago Dark Roast. Choose one or offer them all for a cross-country coffee tour.

Power your day

Keep energy and inspiration high with any one of our coffee varieties from breakfast blends to dark roasts.

Route 66 coffee products in Nashville
Nashville and Route 66 coffee

California BlondeA Light, Sun-Kissed Roast

St. Louis Breakfast BlendA Midwest Medium Roast to Start the Day

A Chicago Dark RoastA Bold, Rich Blend that Warms the Windy City

Rocky Mountain BlendThe Peak of Flavor ~ 100% Colombian

Lone Star Select RoastAn Estate Blend with the Big, Bold Taste of Texas

Sonoran Desert DecafA Panoramic Flavor Experience

Distinctive break room option

Route 66 Coffee is the perfect compliment to your existing coffee and tea offerings.

Provide the best for your Nashville workplace with distinctive Route 66 Coffee from Van Vending at 615.824.2000 or info@vanvending.com.