Improved employee experience

Micro-markets create a more engaging and option-rich refreshment solution in the break room without any corporate costs.

Micro-markets provide a unique and customizable way to improve company culture with 24-hour shopping right in your Nashville break room. We provide the coolers, shelving, and even coffee brewers, all branded to fit your decor or company message. We also stock the market, bringing in all the latest snacks, foods, and beverages sure to satisfy. You can even use the micro-market as an added incentive by covering the cost of some or all of the items in the micro-market, thereby reducing the cost for employees.

Micro-market benefits in Nashville
Nashville micro-market benefits

Foster a positive workplace

Provide the social, fulfilling environment employees want to work in with a Van Vending micro-market.

Better for you options

We rotate in healthy foods and beverages to meet the needs of your employees.

Fast and convenient

Nothing beats the efficiency of grabbing a lunch or snack of your choice on site.

Improved culture

The open concept and technology-focused design inspire a better corporate atmosphere.

Online inventory

Every sale is saved to the cloud to create restocking lists and real-time product sales reports.

Impressive selection

One Van Vending micro-market can hold more products than several vending machines.

Enticing fixtures

Free wrapping of coolers and brewers in custom graphics creates an attractive break room.

Pay by account

Each user sets up an account to pay via the self-checkout kiosk or app on a mobile device.

Employee benefit

Provide a bonus to employees by subsidizing part or all of the products in the micro-market.

Create balance

Micro-markets allow workers to get the refreshments they need to work and recharge.

When your break room offerings need an upgrade, call the micro-market experts — Van Vending at 615.824.2000 or