Inviting refreshment solution built to give your employees more choices

Open shelves and coolers in your break room

Dedication and experience have made Van Vending your Nashville micro-market headquarters

  • Look before you buy

    Micro-markets eliminate closed doors. Instead, employees can pick up and examine all the items before they buy, matching each to their specific need.

  • Shop securely 24/7

    The store in your break room never closes, thanks to the easy-to-use self checkout kiosk. It is secured from the outside and accepts multiple payment types.

  • Broad, customized selections

    Present your Nashville employees with more product choices, including healthy alternatives. The open layout gives more space for new, customized, and popular items.

Secure, easy purchasing

Micro-market users can pay with credit or debit card as well as their micro market account.

Smart product management

Connected to the internet, each of our micro-markets is constantly reporting sales data and status reports.

Self serve micro-markets in Nashville and Franklin, KY offices
More room for selections

Well-designed open racks and glass front coolers ensure there are more options for employees to choose from.

Secured solution

From the locked kiosk cabinet to the 24 hour monitoring by digital cameras, we have secured the micro-market solution.

Self serve micro-markets in Nashville and Franklin, KY offices

Create a micro-market that your nashville employees will love!

Van Vending offers ready-to-serve hot meals, fresh fruit and veggies, and healthy snacks and beverages. There is an option for everyone!

Maximize the refreshment potential in your break room with micro-markets from Van Vending at 615.824.2000 or