Professional presentation

Our Snaxx boxes are made custom, featuring an eye-catching logo and built-in money box. They are designed to compliment whatever snack and treat items you choose, keeping the entire offering a neat, attractive way to offer refreshments in a smaller office.

Refreshment on site

Provide healthy, delicious options so employees never raise liability questions by leaving the premises while they’re still ”on the clock.”

Drive up performance

Even a short time spent off site in order to satisfy hunger can affect focus and reduce the quality of an employee’s work. Help them by offering a variety of items for purchase without leaving your location.

Hand-picked items

The selections we offer in the Snaxx boxes are only the best of our product lines. Each is chosen for nutritional reasons, quality of the ingredients, and popularity in the Nashville area.

Workplace snacking without the vending machine

We know not every Nashville business can support a vending machine. Too often those small 10 to 20 person offices are told ‘no’ — so we offer the Snaxx program, a build-your-own box of snacks and treats delivered to your location that allows users to buy items for cash. It’s a versatile option that lets you customize the products from our warehouse, including traditional chips and candy bars, a wide variety of healthy selections, and even gluten-free, kosher, or vegan choices.

There is a large expense associated with placing a vending machine. The Snaxx box program eliminates that challenge, and still delivers refreshment to Nashville businesses. The box holds the snacks and treats, but we can also stock your refrigerator with specialty waters, juices, and coffee selections. These are always high quality, delicious options sure to impress and refresh.

Snaxx box in Nashville
Ensure thirsty employees and customers have options with beverage service from Van Vending at 615.824.2000 or