Coffee shop quality without the cost

Advanced brewing technology ensures each espresso or espresso-based specialty beverage is perfectly brewed for each person and ready in seconds.

Sophisticated tech

From the sleek touchscreen to the carefully calibrated grinder and brewer, the Sego Bean to Cup Espresso Machine is special.

Large drink menu

The Sego allows everyone at your Nashville location to make delicious espresso and their favorite specialty hot drinks.

Rave reviews

Add to your employee benefit package by offering an impressive coffee program without the expense of a barista or onsite cafe.

Watch how easy it is to get coffeehouse-quality beverages in your Nashville break room

Completely automatic espresso machine

This brewer has three canisters to hold ingredients, one for whole coffee beans and two more for instant ingredients such as powdered milk and cocoa.

Nothing is easier than brewing a tasty drink with the Sego Bean to Cup espresso machine. It holds the Bravilor Bonamat ingredient mixing unit that optimizes the flow of instant ingredients to raise the in-cup quality. Smooth coatings prevent the instant ingredients from clogging and causing maintenance issues. The unique hot water system reduces lime build-up extending the number of flawless drinks the brewer can deliver between cleanings.

A brewer loaded with features

Whole beans that are ground for each drink

Intuitive, easy to operate touchscreen with menu

Built-in sustainability with an energy saving mode

Alerts for bin emptying, descaling, and daily maintenance

Customizable settings for grind, ratio, size, etc.

Suitable for kichenettes, small offices, and waiting rooms

Brew up to 30 different drinks

Use the screen to choose any one of the menu options and then further customize your beverage. With our high-quality instant ingredients, an espresso can become a Esprescho, Latte macchiato, Mochaccino, Cappuccino, Coffee crema, Café au lait, Americano, Mochaccino or even a hot chocolate.

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