Everything you want for your coffee break

Van Vending specializes in creating customized single cup solutions for Nashville businesses.

Multiple options. One machine.

Savor a personalized hot beverage at your workplace without a barista and using only one machine.

Unlimited beverage choices

Single cup not only offers more convenience, but a wide range of options from coffee to specialty drinks.

Enhance employee experience

Adding single cup service to your workplace improves morale and makes employees feel valued.

Modern brewing technology

State of the art single cup coffee machines deliver that delicious brew without mess or lots of equipment.

Single cup office coffee service in Nashville

Single cup transforms your break area

In Nashville, businesses rely on us to help create a more interactive and social workspace. This includes access to the specialty beverages and gourmet coffee employees want, as well as other features to foster that positive atmosphere and increase productivity. Let Van Vending aid you in delivering a workplace cafe to your staff starting with single cup service.

Brewing solutions that offer individualized coffee and tea

Smarter brewing for
better beverages

The Tassimo brewer creates a more cafe style experience. Each beverage is created with a unique T-disc that not only customizes the drink recipe, but also keeps the single cup option exclusively for use with a Tassimo pro workplace brewer. Authentic coffeeshop drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes taste like their barista-crafted counterparts thanks to a sophisticated flavor extraction system and real milk creamer.

Add the sights and smells
of the cafe

The Bravilor bean to cup coffee brewer does more than create delicious coffee. By using whole beans, it offers more flexibility for the type and grade of coffee. The beans are ground as the user waits, delivering the aromas and sounds associated with a coffee house. The bean to cup system offers programmable coffee brewing settings and quality solubles to create specialty drinks that rival the local varieties. It’s a cafe that fits inside your break area.

If it’s time to take your Nashville coffee benefit to the next level, contact Van Vending at 615.824.2000 or info@vanvending.com.