Add a subsidized
Micro-Market and boost
employee retention in
your Nashville
break room.

Show Nashville employees your appreciation

with an assortment of free, high quality snacks!


Employers pay some – or all – of
the costs, so employees get to
enjoy the same great products
at a reduced rate!


Web-based inventory system
tracks product levels and reports
when a Market needs service.

micro-markets in Nashville

Large Product

Our Micro-Markets carry hundreds of
options, offering the ideal blend of
indulgent and healthier items!


Give your employees the Micro-Market
benefits they are craving and boost
workplace morale!

Reduce Prices,
Improve Culture

Micro-Markets create an exciting opportunity in your Nashville break room to show your employees you really care!


With a subsidized Micro-Market, employers pay some – or all – of the costs associated with the products in the market. Employees get to enjoy the latest in snacks, foods and beverages either for free or at a drastically reduced rate!


With a subsidized Micro-Market, employees are encouraged to stay on sight. They do not have to leave the workplace for breaks. Additionally,
having access to a variety of snacks and beverages allows employees to recharge and stay hydrated, boosting productivity and creating an inviting workplace atmosphere.

Nashville open market
micro-market break room services in Nashville
When your break room offerings need an upgrade, call the micro-market experts — Van Vending at 615.824.2000 or