vending machines and office coffee service in AntiochAntioch Gets Its Vending Machines Here

Don’t just add any vending machines to your Antioch location. Go with the best – Van Vending. We offer all types of vending machines, from snack and soda vending machines to coffee vending machines and food vending machines. Whatever you choose, we offer the latest in technology innovations, such as vending machines that accept credit cards and mobile payments, and remote inventory monitoring. We pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly, that’s why all our machines are Energy Star rated for higher efficiency.

Installing Office Coffee and Water Filtration Systems in Antioch

Do your Antioch employees want better coffee in the office? Of course they do. And Van Vending can provide it. We offer the latest in brewing machines technologies, whether you’re looking for a single-cup brewer or traditional by-the-pot brewers that can handle higher coffee volumes. The most popular brands of coffees and teas are available. Once installed, we’ll regularly return to replenish your coffee/tea supply and check to make sure your brewers are operating properly. When we do, we’re also willing to restock other break room necessities, such as plates, cups, filters, stir sticks and creamers.

Have a water quality problem? Fix it with our water filtration units. Available in counter top and floor standing configurations, our water filters connect directly to your water supply, delivering better tasting water right from the tap. No more waiting on the local water supplier to bring water in those bulky 5-gallon jugs. Now you can have filtered hot or cold water with a simple turn of a faucet.

Vending machines and micro-markets in AntiochPut a Micro-Market in Your Antioch Office

Want to do something different with your Antioch office vending program. Then don’t do “vending” at all…go with a Micro-Market from Van Vending. A Micro-Market is a small convenience store installed right on premise. We’ll work with you to design a setup of coolers, racks and displays to best cater to your space. Then we’ll fill it with your choice of hundreds of unique items, including those you wouldn’t normally be able to provide in a traditional vending machine. Once installed, employees can grab what they want and take care of the transactions themselves at the self-checkout kiosks. Because there are integrated security cameras, the store can remain open 24/7 with no worries about theft.

Van Vending has what your Antioch office needs. Learn more by calling 615-824-2000 or e-mailing today.