vending machines and water filtration service in Franklin, TNFranklin, Tennessee Leader in Vending Machine Services

Improve morale and increase energy at your Franklin facility by adding a comprehensive vending machine service from Van Vending. We are known for vending machine selection and technology. Whether you’re looking to add beverage vending machines, snack vending machines, food vending machines or coffee vending machines, rest assured we’ll be installing cutting edge machines with many of the latest in convenience features, such as cashless vending and remote inventory monitoring. Also, many of our vending equipment include guaranteed product delivery, which can see if a paid for product is vended, or not, and provides an immediate refund accordingly.

Van Vending Serves Franklin, Tennessee with Office Coffee and Water Filtration

Adding a professional office coffee service to your Franklin location is simple. Just call Van Vending. We have the latest in coffee brewers, from smaller single-cup options to those that brew by the pot. Every coffee machine we offer includes the latest in technology, letting you give your people the highest quality, most convenience hot beverage. A wide variety of coffees and teas are available to choose from. And we’ll take care of your other break room needs too. From stir sticks and cups to creamers and sweeteners, we can restock your break room with everything you need so you don’t have to.

If you need to improve your office water quality, Van Vending can help. Our physical water filters are installed right into your water supply, delivering better tasting water out of the tap. These are available in floor standing and table-top models to accommodate any sized office. Filtered water is available hot or cold immediately after install.

office coffee and micro markets in Franklin, TennesseeFranklin, Tennessee Gets Its Micro-Markets Here

Go to the next level of vending by adding a Micro-Market to your Franklin office. Rather than using vending machines, a Micro-Market is a combination of attractive racks, coolers and displays installed into your break room – and filled with countless snack, food and beverage options. This includes healthier fare, such as fresh food items, gourmet salads and dairy products. Employees simply enter the store, browse the items and bring selections to the self-checkout kiosk to complete the transactions themselves. It’s simple and fast, and a great alternative to leaving the office for snacks or lunch. Also, because the store runs itself, it can remain open all day, every day. It’s a great morale and productivity booster for everyone, no matter when they need to put in their hours.

You deserve the best in vending services, and Van Vending is ready to provide. Call 615-824-2000 or e-mail to get started today.