Keep Nashville Employees Hydrated This Summer

Staying Hydrated In Nashville

Keep Nashville Employees Hydrated This Summer


It’s no secret how important staying hydrated is. Doctors everywhere are constantly pushing the importance of 8 cups of water daily.

During a day jam-packed with meeting deadlines, who has time for a water break? But, drinking enough water and staying hydrated goes hand-in-hand with increased productivity. It’s time to make hydration a priority for your Nashville employees.

Deliciously Pure, Filtered Water Keeps Employees Hydrated

The base of every great beverage is water. Whether your Nashville employees are brewing a hot cup of coffee, tea or making a delicious mixed drink – all of these beverages and so many more require water.

But did you know every cup of water is not created equally? By adding Nashville Water Filtration service to your office program, you can bring great tasting water right to your employees. There are several different styles of water coolers employers can choose from. Water Filtration services take your existing water and filter it to remove impurities. These impurities can drastically affect both taste and odor. And employers can even decide to add an ice machine to their service. Not only will they be providing employees with great tasting water, they will also have the benefit of crystal clear, pure ice. Is there really a better compliment to that cup of water?

Water Filtration service is a great add-on to your existing Nashville office coffee service. And, great tasting water is the start of a great coffee service. With Nashville Water Filtration service, your customers and employees can enjoy a deliciously pure cup of water anytime.

Staying On Top Of Your Game, Staying Hydrated

The correlation between staying hydrated and increased productivity at work is undeniable. The human body is made up of over 60% water. Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration. As a result, dehydration can lead to many health risks including cardiovascular disease, fatigue, joint and muscle problems and more.

A report issued by the Institute of Medicine showed that up to 75% of Americans are not drinking the recommended amount of water daily. So, what does this mean? Nashville employees are likely walking around mildly to severely dehydrated – without even realizing it!

When employees are encouraged to drink more water, it increases overall productivity at work. That’s an investment that’s well worth it. Proper hydration increases concentration. As a result, an increase in concentration leads to employees making better decisions and executing tasks in a timely manner.

Create An Incentivizing Workplace Hydration Program

Staying Hydrated In NashvilleDrinking water doesn’t have to be boring. So, make it exciting for your Nashville employees with a hydration program that energizes and incentivizes them!

By providing water coolers in your Nashville break room, you are giving employees quick and easy access to water. And, there are countless ways to make water more exciting. For instance, create a simple hydration station with slices of fresh fruit for employees to put in their water. In addition, you can even get really creative by making fruit-infused ice cubes. Finally, you can fill pitchers with fruit-infused water so employees have delicious options readily available.

Your Nashville employees will be encouraged to drink what’s right in front of them. Therefore, make sure you have plenty of options available when it comes to water!

Looking For Water Filtration Service In Nashville?

Looking to add Water Filtration service to your Nashville break room? Van Vending can help. We provide a wide range of water coolers and hot and cold Water Filtration options.

Show employees you value their health and happiness. Call 615-824-2000 to learn more about our programs and how to improve productivity in your workplace. Water Filtration service is a great add-on to your vending machines or micro-market.

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